About Us

Health Equalities Group or HEG is a health and wellbeing alliance that designs, develops and evaluates evidence-based programmes and policies that seek to tackle non-communicable diseases and health inequalities.

Comprising of Food Active and Healthy Stadia, HEG takes an upstream approach to tackling non-communicable diseases and looks to affect change on a population level but also develops targeted interventions to support the most vulnerable in society.


Food Active is a North West-based healthy weight programme funded by Local Authority Public Health teams.

The programme offers support to local authorities to promote healthier eating choices,  in particular out-of-home food and drink provision, and policy and planning measures to address the “obesogenic” environment of towns and cities.  More at: www.foodactive.org.uk.

Helping children and young people to cut back on sugary drinks
Advocacy – influencing political, economic and social systems
Clamping down on junk food advertising
Using research to design evidence-based interventions
Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight
Encouraging healthy nutrition for children in care
Healthy Stadia logo

Millions of people across Europe and around the world attend sports stadia each week to watch their team play, to work, to volunteer or to use the arena’s facilities. Healthy Stadia works with professional sports clubs, league operators, national and international governing bodies of sport to develop their stadia as health-promoting environments. We do this by supporting them to adopt a range of policies and practices in support of the health and wellbeing of fans, staff and local communities. More at https://healthystadia.eu/.

Using the power of sport to improve men’s health
Promoting walking and cycling to stadia
Strengthening UEFA’s commitment to health
Helping stadium caterers to provide healthier options
Encouraging stadia to go Smokefree
Developing bespoke training programmes for partners


HEG can draw on a broad range of expertise from physical activity specialists, public health nutritionists and tobacco control experts. The combined team have experience of coordinating local, regional, national and European level public health programmes bringing in partners from the public, private and third sector.

We also have a successful track record of influencing politicians, policy influencers, the public and the media in support of public health interventions. This has involved framing problems and solutions; communicating benefits and building partnerships.

Dr Matthew Philpott

Chief Executive

Robin Ireland

Director of Research

Alex Holt

Food and Nutrition Lead

Michael Viggars

Project Manager

Magda Przybylka

Project Manager

Beth Bradshaw

Project Officer


The Health Equalities Group, a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity, is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees help to inform the organisations strategic direction, monitor the delivery of the organisation’s objectives, uphold its values and governance and guide, advise and support the Chief Executive, in achieving the organisation’s vision and purpose.

HEG is currently chaired by Julia Purvis, Head of Service, Promoting Wellbeing at PSS.

Julia Purvis

Chair of HEG

Professor Simon Capewell
Michael Ainsworth
Stephan Mayer
Stephen Williams
James Nolan